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Glucosomine with Chondroitin

Hi all

Anyone know whether I can take this supplement with Levo and T3 - as long as it's about 4 hours away?

Took this pre-thyroid days and it was marvellous for sore joints but info on internet is very contradictory. Asked endo ans she enquired but the answer was inconclusive. ie no contra-indications or interactions but that doesn't mean there aren't any :)

Wondering if anyone has had this without any change in blood work / TSH?

This boat is getting steadier. Don't want to rock it!

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I have read that glucosamine is a waste of time and money as it doesn't work!!


I take Glucosamine-Chondroitin 3 x a day everyday at least four hours away from my thyroid hormone and find it to be very helpful. I don't believe it interferes with thyroid absorption when taken this way. At least I haven't experienced any problems.


I take two tablets a day, one at lunch and the other with my evening meal, I take my levo and T3 at about 6.a.m./ my aches and pains are virtually all gone, and my Doctor recommended to do this.


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