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The end of a long road

Hi all

Hope your Christmas was good and I wish you a Happy New Year.

Glad to say that I think I'm now as sorted as I'm ever going to be. 10 days ago, Endo told me to increase T3 by 5 mcg. For 10 days I've been on 10 mcg T3 with 75 mcg Thyroxine at 7 am; 10 mcg T3 at 1 pm and 5 mcg T3 at 6 pm.

Had bloods done the day before yesterday. TSH <0.05 FT4 15.37 (22) FT3 7.3 (6.8)

Have emailed Endo with these and he said they look good and I should leave dosage regime as it is and repeat bloods in 3 months.

I am feeling much better but was hoping that he would let me just do a final tweak by adding another 5 mcg T3. Seems he's not happy about that because he doesn't want FT3 to go too far over range. Am tempted to take the extra anyway but it doesn't seem very honest to do that. I feel as though I just need a final kick.

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Miggy, you've only been on T4+T3 combination for 7/8 weeks so you should feel more improvement over the next few weeks. The last 5mcg T3 added 10 days ago has barely had time to start working. A lot of endos would have decreased your T3 as soon as you went over range so yours seems quite reasonable.

Beware going too far over, I developed fine tremors, my hair started shedding and nails breaking when my FT3 was 8 (3.2-6.2). I found it took a few weeks after my bloods were good before I felt relatively well.


If you take more T3 I would cut back the levo by 25mcg

sometimes its the levo that causes a load of symptoms

whats your






A small increase may well do the trick. I would agree with reallyfedup to decrease T4 and increase T3.


Sorry you guys. I agree with Clutter. Rehabilitation takes time. Fair enough to make sure Ferritin, folate and B12 , vitamin D3 and vitamin A (my bugbear around here) are good. But you can't rise up like Lazarus for heaven's sake. It takes time to improve. She's feeling better. That's the main thing. She needs to find out how this dose affects her and it take about 100 days. We're all impatient but overshooting can have negative consequences as Clutter describes.


I didn't think I'd do as well as Lazarus - he'd only been dead for about 5 minutes

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Ha ha Brilliant!


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