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Hello everyone

Glad to say I'm finally getting sorted out and feel better by the day (writing this with fingers crossed). I've still got achy legs (shins and sides of thighs) but nothing like the level of pain I had before when I felt as though I was wearing lead boots and had weights on my shoulders - and not half as many migraines. Also generally more energetic and motivated. Endo emailed me on boxing day (!) and told me to increase T3 by 5 mcg. I'm now taking 10 mcg with 75 mcg Thyroxine early am, 10 mcg between midday and 1 pm and 5 mcg about 6 pm. He doesn't want my T3 levels to go out of range so he doesn't think another increase is advisable based on my last blood tests of TSH <0.05; FT3 6 (6.8); FT4 17 (22). He doesn't want to reduce Thyroxine. I have blood tests done on 6 Jan which I have to email to him so we'll see what they're like.

I'd like to take a Mutli complex 100 Vit B which I've bought. It does say on the product that it's only for short term use of 2 - 3 months at this strength - after a period of illness and debility. I did ask the thyroid Oncologist (not Endo) about this 2 or 3 months ago. She said I should I should only take it if my levels are low and referred me to GP. GP did tests and said they were 'spot on' (didn't tell me actual result) and said I didn't need to take a supplement.

I'm just wondering if I could optimise my improvement and eliminate residual symptoms - aching, constipation in particular - by taking this supplement. Not sure if they just think it's unnecessary self medication or whether it could affect my treatment (I would have it about 3 hours away from thyroid meds).

Has anyone felt the benefits of vit B complex even if not 'deficient'? Also wondering if anyone out there has these leg aches (particularly in shins and calfs) and has any other suggestions.

Happy New Year to you all xxx

PS I'm sure that you're all as delighted as me to hear on the news yesterday that thyroid cancer is one of the few cancers that's "just bad luck" and not down to any environmental, genetic or lifestyle factors!! It didn't mention that the real bad luck lies in the rubbish treatment that many of us get because of ignorance or cost implications. My New Year Resolution is to try not to be so cynical:)

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It may be difficult to keep your New Year unless you get super-dooper treatment to make you well.

Please get a print-out of your blood test results, with the ranges, and post on a new question. Although your GP said they're fine, they may be in the 'normal' range but not on the optimum level of the range which they should be. As regards Vitamin B12, a hormone not a vitamin, it is very necessary we have optimum levels otherwise it can affect us neurologically. We cannot overdose on B12 as our body takes up what it wants daily and excretes the excess in urine. Also Vitamin D is essentially important as well.


A B Complex is good to take with B12 as it keeps all the B's in balance. A complex will not give you an adequate amount of B12 - and if you increase the B Complex then you may overdose on certain B's that can cause problems. Sorry forgotten which one - think it's B6 :-)

Have you had your VitD tested ? Are you taking Magnesium and Zinc ? VitC in large doses will also help the constipation as will the Magnesium I believe.


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