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Little help from my friends

Hi my friends , any advice , after a tough 8 months last year from thyroid I quote thyrotoxicosis due to graves medicated on carbimazoLe I came off sept so far so good!! , however funny month Dec started feel.a bit woo woo could be stress want to look.into.hormones has monthly makes me feel ill etc , due bloods next week fingers crossed all good ,will post results want it yo be a good year and hopefully stay in remission so any advice of good supplements to take healthy lifestyle options to support health thyroid I don't drink or smoke x big hugs binkynoo

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Stress and becoming over tired are very detrimental when you have Graves and can take weeks to get over, so make sure you rest enough.


Good Luck, I hope that you continue to become stable and get your life back on track this year.

There are sure to be others much more knowledgeable than I am who will reply soon and give you advice regarding vitamin supplements and foods that will hopefully help to keep you in remission. xxx


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