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First I'm hyper now I'm hypo?? help! very confused, new diagnosis and very in the dark. is there a Helpline number?

Hi, I hope someone can help me...

2 months ago I was diagnosed with HYPERthyroidism which was picked up in a routine blood test for anaemia (which i don't have) the diagnosis was given in Spain where I live the majority of the year (I am from the UK) my Spanish isn't great but he definately said hyper and mentioned that i may lose weight.

I am back in the UK for a bit and went for a 2nd blood test, the doctor here tells me it is HYPOthyroidism! so now I am really confused! can it fluctuate? I had researched HYPER online and had made some dietry changes and had researched supplements, but now I don't know what to do.

I return to Spain next week and I feel I have no answers, I have so many questions and I really wanted answers to them before I go back to Spain as my Spanish is ok but I am not fluent and many of the doctors there do not speak English.

Is there a thyroid organisation with a helpline I can call? I tried to get answers from my doctor but he said he wasn't much of an expert in this field and seemed to be too rushed to answer my questions.

I would really appreciate some more help, I feel so uninformed! I can tell you that thankfully so far I have no notable symptoms, I feel just fine but obviously want to prevent things from getting worse.

My biggest thanks in advance.


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I suspect you have Hashimotos Autoimmune Thyroiditis and are swinging from hyper to hypo which is difficult to cope with

Going gluten free may well help and taking a good multivitamin before bed is sensible because thyroid disease takes its toll on vitamin levels

I am surprised though that your told your not anaemic because generally thyroid problems cause a major ferritin drop and doctors tend not to test that portion .............hence they will wrongly claim your not anaemic

its vital to get




all checked because they should be above halfway in their ranges ............never never accept "normal" from any doctor

Always get a print out of all results inc reference ranges so you can keep track of whats going on

Stop smoking at all costs

learn all you can from this forum and from www.stopthethyroidmadness .com


because you may well have to monitor and control your own medication depending on how you feel

do other members of your family have diabetes, thyroid disease, coeliac, rheumatoid arthritis, shrogens, lupus ,dyslexia, aspergers because they are all genetically linked

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Bessie, welcome to the forum.

It isn't unusual to have a burst of hyperactivity as a sort of thyroid dying swan act prior to becoming hypothyroid so it's possible that both doctors are correct in their diagnoses.

Do you have copies of both sets of blood results? If you can post them with the lab ref ranges (the figures in brackets after your results) we'll be able to confirm whether you are hyper or hypo? Have either of the doctors prescribed you medication? If so, post what it is and what dose.

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Possible you had subacute/postpartum thyroiditis which is often overloooked. Begins with overactive, then goes underactive and often returns back to normal. It could be that you have had that and are now back to normal so don't panic. Would be worth keeping an eye on though...

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Hello all, thankyou so much for your very helpful replies.

I guess I should have mentioned some things which could be key...

I gave birth 5 months ago, apparently my blood test taken in 3rd trimester of preganancy was showing no signs of a thyroid issue (it was showing anaemia hence the follow up blood test some weeks after the birth which revealed the thyroid problem)

I am a long time vegetarian and wonder if there is a possible connection with a larger intake of soy products?

The last doctor I saw asked if I was taking any natural remedies (assuming there could be a connection) I have for about 3 months been taking flaxseed oil as I am breastfeeding and as a non-fish eater was concerned my baby may not be receiving enough omegas. However I have found on the internet links stating that it could suppress thyroid function, could this be a link?

Tomorrow i return for a 4th opinion at the doctors as i am still so uninformed.

Health and best wishes to you.


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