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Low White Blood Cell Count - and misshaped cells

Hi, just returned from the GP following a full blood test last month. Thyroid levels OK plus all other results good except for White Blood Cell count being high (2 over recommended level) and the cells appear misshapen. A letter is being sent to Hematology to check if this needs to be investigated further, GP wasn't too concerned, being thorough, crossing the t's, dotting the i's. Could there be any connection to Hypothyroidism? Anyone else had the same result please?



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Are they high or low?

Mine are too low with high red.


Reply red's fine, but white is high (by 2 points) and misshapen (whatever that is....gulp....)


We are opposites then. Hope all turns out well. Have you googled for clues (not always the best thing though!).



Started to and thought that I may have weeks to live, so stopped...........Thank you though x


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