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Increasing T3

Hi everyone

Well. Blow me down:) After trying to get hold of my endo for 5 weeks, he sends me an email on Christmas weekend.

In response to my query about increasing T3 and reducing T4, he tells me to leave the T$ where it is and add in another 5 mcg T3. He says I shouldn't increase my T3 again after this as it will go over range.

This will change my dose from 75 mcg Thyroxine and 20 mcg T3 to 75 mcg Thyroxine and 25 mcg. At the moment, I take 10 mcg T3 with the Levo 7.30 am; 5 mcg T3 between 12 and 1pm (I'm always waiting for this) and 5 mcg T3 about 6 pm. he says add it in in the afternoon but I'm wondering where to put it to optimise my dose. Any ideas pls?

Do you think there's any chance that this extra 5 mcg will get rid of weight gain and constipation?? (relatively new symptoms) Last bloods taken on 3 November TSH <0.05; FT4 17 (22) and FT3 6 (6.8). More bloods due on 6 Jan. By this time I will have been on the new dose 8 or 9 days (starting tomorrow).

Hoping that he will let me stop Thyroxine and go to T3 only. I may have to work on this:) Not too sure about why he's concerned about going over range - when I was on 60 mg T3 only between thyroidectomy and scan (8 months) it must have been very high.

Anyway I'll tread carefully. I'm lucky to have a GP and an Endo who will prescribe T3.

Happy New Year everyone. Hope Christmas was good to you.

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Miggy, it's a bit suck it and see finding the timing that suits you. Start by taking the extra 5mcg T3 at noon/1pm as usual. You can always try taking it later if it doesn't suit. Your FT3 is already towards the top of the range but as I mentioned in your previous post it can take a few weeks more for symptoms to resolve after thyroid bloods are optimal.

Best wishes for a Happy and Healthy New Year.


Hi miggy. I stated on T3 with my T4 8 weeks ago and I have had some positive effects but weight gain and constipation hasn't improved at all. My T3 was 3.2 (3.6-6.5) prior to starting it. I have also asked if I can up my dose of T3 so I hope my endo is as nice as yours :) it would seem that the metabolism changes seem to be the last to kick in. I hope yours does soon! It's no fun having to live on laxatives is it :). Hope you feel an improvement with the new dose. I only take my T3 in 2 doses. Fitting it in 3 times a day must be challenging! :)



My FT3 was same as yours before starting the T3. What dose are you on? Do you still take Thyroxine?

We must carry on comparing notes!

Good luck!


Hi Miggy, I take 10mcg T3 and 50mcu T4 at 6am in the morning and then another 10 mcg at 3pm but I think I am under medicated because when I exercise I get out of breath far more quickly than I use to do on just T4 and of course my weight and laxative abuse :)

Good luck to you too! yes..lets keep each other updated :)

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Hi again. I've had breathlessness both when overmedicated and undermedicated. .... but when undermedicated I can't climb the stairs let alone exercise. Lol. Do you know your current bloods? Or were the ones you posted done 8 weeks ago? xx


Hi miggy. They were results 8 weeks ago before I started t3. I went to have blood taken this morning so should have some results in a couple of days :) xxx


Hi Miggy, for the constipation, you are probably low in magnesium. Do you supplement magnesium and zinc? Might be an idea to try.

Hugs, Grey


Hi greygoose. I supplement magnesium by 2 x 150 mcg a day (taken well away from thyroid drugs). Have taken mag cit with prescribed calcium / vit D since 2012 when diagnosed with osteoporosis. I must say it does seem to less effective now - maybe I need to take more. It's just such a pain trying to fit in these meds so that they don't fight with each other. xxx


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