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Copy of Test Results

I have asked my surgery for a copy of my test results today, including my lab ranges, and the receptionist says she's. It allowed to give them to me without the doctor's permission. Is that right? Surely I have a right onto see my data under the data protection act?!

Edit: just to add, the GPs put a note on my notes saying that my TSH is in normal range so no further action. I think I'm going to be in for a fight tomorrow at my appointment (I've been taking levo for 7 weeks and was tested last week- I took my levo before I went as I didn't know you weren't meant to!)

Edit 2: thanks everyone- I now have my results and I have posted a further question.

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You're entitled to them but they may want to check w the gp first in case there are any results to be discussed with you. This is not abnormal. As long as they're not refusing outright you should be okay.

You can always explain that you took your tablet before you had blood drawn and in an ideal world they will retest, or depending on your results you can show your gp the Dr Toft article which says some people don't feel better until their tsh is below 1. (I think Louise W can send it to you - ? Someone correct me if I'm wrong - ?)

But by all means come back and post your results w ranges and you'll find out what's what. :-)


Meds456, Receptionists will do as they are instructed by the GP or practice manager. Once the GP has reviewed the results you should be able to see them. Contact the practice manager or ask the GP to print off the results with the lab ref ranges tomorrow. If they won't given them to you say you will be making a subject access request under the Data Protection Act


Meds, you don't reveal how much hormone you have been taking but this article will give you an idea how necessary it is to ease into optimal treatment.


Tell your GP the blood test results are skewed as you were unaware that you shouldn't take levo before it. He will probably be as surprised as you were to learn this as I doubt few know that bloods will not be accurate.


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