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Hi I have had low thyroid all my life.They found it when I was 8 , now 60.I take armour 2 mg. I tried the others and they turn off your thyroid.i was alway sleepy along with the fact the dr.did not like the armour but I find it works better for me .One of the top doc in the USA likes to use armour because you do not turn off your thyroid. I have been on armour for years and it has worked best for me.

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I am glad Armour works for you and natural dessicated thyroid hormones do work for many as they contain all of the thyroid hormones we lack. There are quite a few available.

Unfortunately, in the UK the guidelines (like the ATA) only recommend levothyroxine to be prescribed. They make false statements about the use of NDT and haven't rectified the statement. Doctors will not prescribe anything other than levothyroxine but some private doctors might.

It would be good if we had freedom to try alternatives to levo but it is difficult for many to do so.

We are ever hopeful.


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