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Cancer FNA ratings and questions to ask

I have my 2nd FNA tomorrow and been reading up so I can ask pertinent questions and find out more. Last one unable to discount PTC so I noted there were ratings in the thyroid cancer section like FNA2 = benign - I think. What are the other ratings and their meanings please?

I know to check state of thyroid & size. I have Hashis so will it look different to a healthy thyroid? Obv need to know is nodule grown since last US. It is a complex singular nodule so have to have two samples taken.

Any other pointers please?

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Clutter could you please assist me with the ratings I think I followed a conversation where you mentioned this? Really nervous about this test. Partly because I've had a cough for weeks so holding still is going to be a challenge :)


I am trying to find a good article that I read at the time but from now this is posted from memory and you might like to get others to confirm.

THY1 - sample was not fit to be graded ( I.e. contaminated in way)

THY2 - benign

THY3a - indeterminate, there are some signs on irregularity but not enough to give definate diagnosis

THY3f - same as above, indeterminate but sowing some signs of follicular cells

THY 4 - suspicious for cancer

THY 5 - malignant cancer.

Hope this helps. I am assuming your last one is graded 3 as they are repeating the procedure. Many graded 3 go on to be benign so try not to worry.

Good luck


Thank you for that info Churchie. Will wait and see what US/ FNA turn up.


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