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Recovering after a total thyroidectomy

I had my operation 7 weeks ago. Operation went well and was in hospital only a few day. I was in quite a bit of pain following surgery and now I am quite surprised that I still am getting discomfort around neck/wound area. Consultant said it could take months but wondering if others experience this? When I wake up each morning and get out of bed, the pain is always worse for a short period.

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I was fortunate following my TT that pain was minimal though I did experience some pain in the drain site. I think 7 weeks is still quite early in the healing process as tissues underneath can take several months to recover from the trauma. I was advised to massage my scar gently with face cream which I think helped recovery. Hope it improves for you soon.


Thanks fir your response, my wound area is very tender, but I will try moisturising cream.


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