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Low Adrenal Support

I've been doing some research on low adrenal support and wondered if anyone had been tested for this or supplements prescribed?

I had a TT last August and noticed that my ability to cope with stress is much less reduced and any stress experienced sends me into a depression. I've been prescribed T3 and T4 meds and whilst I feel better on these meds, the depression/ability to cope with stress hasn't resolved! After reading up, my symptoms are consistent with low adrenal reserves but not been confirmed and wondered whether it's worth chatting to my Endo.


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I've tested twice now using an adrenal stress test from Genova. It showed low cortisol and DHEA but it's difficult to get any mainstream doctor to take an interest. It was dismissed by an endo I saw once. I have a lot of physical symptoms including body hair loss. I have sent literature to my GP written by British Endo's, there's a patient leaflet online somewhere. I copied and sent it in. I've had steroid injections and treatments in the past without weaning off, as I wasn't instructed to do this, this can cause adrenal problems. Also long term untreated hypo I believe.


Thanks for your comments

I've requested a private test from Genova so will see what the results

Why is everything a battle??? We only want to feel better, surely it should be easy


I've had the 8 o'clock cortisol test several times, because that's all you can get in France! And I've been on HC. But, as I said, that is in France, don't know what the situation is in the UK. However, if I can answer any of your questions on the subject, I will, feel free to ask.


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