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Interesting results from Mark Hyman's 10 Day Detox

Hi All

I decided to do Mark Hyman's 10 day detox from 15-24th Nov before Christmas eating out starts. This comprises of a high fat smoothie in the morning with one portion of fruit and basically paleo with no fruit or starchy veg. For a big fruit eater I thought this would be tough but it wasn't - it was actually really easy and I didn't feel hungry at all.

Since 24th I have kept up the high fat morning smoothie as it keeps me going til lunch and have only had the odd extra piece of fruit. Since my pregnancy 10 years ago when all the thyroid rubbish started I have ALWAYS had grim headaches on day 1 and 7 of my cycle and these make me so ill and miserable. It is now day 10 and I had no headache on day 1 and only a ghost of one on day 7. I have also had an incredibly stressful week and still no headaches. This is revolutionary for me and am thrilled! You would not believe who I have seen, what I have done, taken, changed to try to address my health particularly these headaches.

My main symptoms are brain related and the other day for the first time in years, I realised my stomach was rumbling to signal hunger instead of my head starting to buzz with low blood sugar. I've read the evidence but wanted to let people know that my body seems to respond well to the high fat/low carb thing. It is as if the fat is protective to my brain whereas sugar seems to loosen things up - that's how it feels. I did not test for ketosis but I know the ketogenic diet has been used successfully for epilepsy.

I have also just had a stool test which looks at my microbiome - it is OK except I have a couple of parasites which I will try to get rid off after Christmas as it is not the best time to go on a restrictive diet.

If anyone fancies doing this detox in Jan, I recommend it. There is a preamble to it which I didnt do as I don't eat sugar or processed food - two links that might be useful are shown below. By the way the only supps I take are probiotics. Thanks for reading and have a good Christmas and good health to all in the New Year.

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Very interesting! And as detox diets go it looks relatively easy - after the holiday!

You might be able to track down your headache culprits by looking at what you gave up from a pretty healthy diet. Milk would be the No 1 suspect, wheat/grains No 2 but you never know, it might be something minor!


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