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Twice a day T3

Hi Clutter and Heloise

Thank you for your help and advice yesterday. I think you're both quite right.

I didn't get to see the Endo today:( It's 120 mile round trip and we got stuck in stationary traffic on way there for two hours. I'm having a phone consultation with him on Wednesday.

I've felt just great for last couple of days. Did a two hour walk this afternoon feeling full of energy and no joint pain etc. Think the 'T3 hunger' is getting less and wanting to try 10 mcg twice a day before I ask for an increase which I probably won't need.

Do you think this will be ok? I don't want to slide down now the old me is back. What would be the best timings for this?

Thanks again. I much appreciate your input xx

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Mazzamo, What a pain about the traffic jam. You'll need to suck it and see to work out what split dose timings suit you. I'd start with 12 hours apart initially. Lessen the gap if you get an energy slump.


That's marvelous! It's still early to know exactly what your body will need. You didn't say when you were dosing the T3. I take mine all at once in the morning but I know it's popular to split it. I would try whatever you feel you can do consistently. But great news so far!



Welcome to the club :-)

I am still finding my correct dose and timings however, when I started out everything was soooooooo good for about 2 weeks and then I semi crashed. Went to 30 mcg. Same thing happened about 4 weeks later. No worries, Doc upped the dose again and was on my way.

Over the next 6 weeks I started getting bad headaches and feeling really tired before the next dose was due. I thought this was due to timings so I split my 40 into tens and had it four times a day. I had read that this could happen until the right dose is found and your body adjusts, so I wasn't worried, just a little annoyed.

I have tinkered with timings to see how my body feels.

Started out: 10mcg (then to 20mcg)



Then went: 30mcg




Then went: 40mcg




9.30pm (But woke up sometimes at 1am or if I was lucky 4am!!!)

Now on 20mcg 3x




Sleeping like a baby on this dose and these timings. Waking naturally just before 6am or even with myalarm!

Got my bloods back last week and am still low to middle range even on 40mcg T3. (Am showing low on the T4 level too while on 125 levo)

I have self upped it more and now have found a sweet spot. I haven't told my doctor yet as I am meant to be seeing him in January- and of course the new blood tests will help me to see if I am still in range for the T3 and not over.

Not having the ravaging hunger any more but it took some time (what a cruel side effect that is!!!!)

No headaches.

Feeling good.

The thing is, as your body adjusts you might need more (or less), but as long as you have a T3 blood test when you have a blood test and the T3 level shows that you are not OVER the range you will be ok as far as I am aware.

But I know the feeling you have right now. I don't think I have ever experienced such sheer joy as the first couple of weeks on T3 when I felt amazing for the first time in donkeys years.

Note that my T3 tests showed higher at the beginning compared to later ones, I guess as it was new in my system. It then dropped, even though I am on a higher dose than at the start. I don't know if this is usual. I read your other post and your T3 is towards the top of the range, so it will be interesting to see if after a while it drops even if you are taking the same amount or more.

Good luck!


Hi Kiwi, it's good to see you have worked things out and hope that remains. Are you on T3 only?

Mazz is still taking T4 which may add another dimension to her trial.


No I am on 125 T4 (levo) and unofficially 60 T3 :-)


Sorry, I do see that now in your first post. Thank you.


Hi Mazzamo! What did you end up trying? Are you still feeling hungry?


Good luck for Wednesday!


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