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Hi Clutter and everyone

Many thanks for your recent advice and support. I had my bloods done yesterday having been on this T3/T4 combi dose of 20 mcg T3 / 75 mcg T$ for two weeks. Results: FT3 6.00 (6.8); FT4 17.5 and TSH < 0.05. The previous bloods done 2 weeks earlier (on 5 mcg less T3) were FT3 5.6; FT418 and TSH <0.05.

I'm very pleased that nothing has gone above range and hope there's room in the equation for a little more T3. I feel so much better. Just done an hour's walk for first time in nearly a year:) I still don't feel that good in the morning and feel some 'T3 hunger'. Hoping he'll let me increase by 10 mcg to make the T3 30 mcg.

Does this sound reasonable? I see Endo tomorrow and he's quite receptive to suggestions but don't want to mess up.

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I've never been on a synthetic combo and Clutter has but two week after more than doubling your T3 might be a little soon to jump to 30 mcgs. Even though it is quick acting and a shorter half life, it WILL affect the T4 you are already taking. If your system cannot handle (for lack of a better term)this, the T4 will turn into reverse T3 and a lot of that isn't good. I think I would keep a slow pace until you know for sure but as I said, I don't have personal experience with the combination you are taking.


Mazzamo, I'm with Heloise, increasing to 30mcg after two weeks on 20mcg is rushing it. It can take 6/8 weeks for the T3 to metabolise and work in your body after your bloods are good, and yours are now optimal.

Hope it goes well tomorrow.


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