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Lastest TFT Normal(ish)

Hi all, I got test results back today from feeling a little hypo and they are:

TSH: <0.1 (0.3-6)

FT4: 20.7 (9-24)

FT3: 4.1 (3.5-6.5)

Full blood count: 146 (122-165)

Looks normal to me? I still haven't received instruction from GP but will this afternoon.

Seems such a short time for Carb to have brought me to normal. How have people maintained this?

These were my original TFT results (10/11) and antibodies (17/11):

TSH - <0.1

FT4 - 39.1

FT3 - 12

Anti TPO: 483.8 (<6)

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Chloececilia, Carbimazole is quick acting, which is why it's easy to go hypo if you aren't monitored every 4 weeks. Your TSH is still suppressed but your FT4 is very good now. FT3 is within range but quite low which is why you're feeling a bit hypo. Hopefully, your GP will advise you to reduce your dose.


Hi Clutter and thanks for your reply. The GP wrote on my notes 'Thyroid is settling' and that was that!

Hoping my endo reduces my dose on Monday.


Chloececilia, GPs don't usually alter dose when their patient is under the care of an endo without the endo's direction. I expect your endo will reduce it on Monday.

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Ah, I didn't know that! Thank you :)


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