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crashed again!

Hello again and sorry for all my questions.

I started 75mcg after almost 7 weeks post RAI , as my previous post says, I had snatches of feeling better. Now almost 2 weeks later I`ve gone down with a bang. My body is telling me it needs more levothyroxine. I`ve had to go to bed feeling aching muscles, and joints again and very cold and exhausted after just waking up for one hour. A letter from the thyroid nurse has said I`ll probably need more levothyroxine in the future- do you think it`s to early to ask for more? Or are these crashes normal?

It`s now 8 weeks post RAI and I feel my levels have been dropping to hypo and the levothyroxine hasn`t been able to keep up (if that makes sense?)

Many thanks in advance

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JoyLiz, Ask for a thyroid blood test 6 weeks after you started Levothyroxine to see whether your dose needs increasing. You are right to listen to your body but you also have to allow sufficient time for the thyroxine do its work.


Thanks again Clutter. I`m due another blood test in 2 weeks time. I had a big break through last evening ( for anyone thinking of having RAI) in that I felt great! Yet during the day I felt awful?

Then back to awful again this morning? But my snatches of ok are getting bigger - so yes, I don`t think I`m giving the thyroxine enough time. It was reassuring to feel so much better if only for an evening. I read somewhere that our thyroid hormones work in a rhythm ( if that`s the correct way of describing it) and that`s whats happening for me.

Thank you again, you have helped me so much.



JoyLiz, Take comfort from the intermittent improvement. It means you are metabolising the thyroxine and are responding to it. Have a look at this graph demonstrating the circadian rhythms of TSH and FT3. You may be able to correlate your feeling of evening improvement to TSH and FT3 rising.



Ah thanks, circadian was the word I was looking for Clutter. It`s a relief to know the levo is working, if last evening was an example of what`s to come, I`ll be delighted. I`ll read the link you kindly put up.

Thanks again, I cannot express how much you`ve helped me :)


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