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Abdominal pains / food sensitivity

Hi guys,

Just wondering if anyone has had any similar, I'm hypo and gluten free, in the last on the few occasions I have gone out for dinner (and opted for gluten free options) when I have gone to bed that eve I tend to wake up about an hour later with a really dull stomach ache (so no sharp stabbing pains, just a throb) and I tend to first wake up extremely hot before cooling back down (normally a cold person) - when I then get up to go get some warm water it almost mirrors feeling like I have had a heavy night drinking. My head is dizzy and mouth dry.

The following morning my stomach feels tender and twitchy.

I don't ever vomit or have lose bowels when I get this.

If anyone could shed any light on whether it's linked to hypothyroidism or may sound like something else gang would be amazing

Thank you!

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It is possible it is your body reacting to gluten. I have heard people say that if you go gluten free then get accidentally 'glutenated' ( love that word!), then you can react stronger than before. It is possible that your meal was contaminated, I would check the procedures where you ate, is there flour flying around? Is the stock gluten free? Do they use the same marg they have just contaminated with bread crumbs from buttering someone else's bread?


This is what I was wondering. I bet there was contamination as I have eaten the same dish there before and been fine.

Looks like I've been glutenated!!


Given the many, many ways my own family nearly accidentally glutenate me every day, I would be very surprised if restaurants didn't do it too!


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