Glutened by wheat bag?

Hello all, do you think its possible to be glutened by using a wheat bag? I have been gluten free since august and had not used my wheatbag in some time then last Thursday my muscles were so tight I used my wheat bag. Since then its like I have taken a huge step back with lots of old symptoms reappearing. Obviously it could be many other reasons, but would love to hear your opinions.

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I totally think it's the wheat bag

Thanks, i really feel it was and to think I used to wear it all the time!

Agree with BlueDaffoldil! Read somewhere that any prod containing wheat that goes on your skin (or even near it, like the bag) can cause reactions...

Watch out for hair prods too x

Hair products, who'd have thought. Will check those too. Thanks, I best order a cherry stone bag. Thanks.

Which hair products have wheat in. I read all the labels and never see wheat mentioned. Is it hidden in some chemical form or name. I have a horrendous flakey scalp that doesn't clear up with ANY of the numerous products ive tried. What should I be looking out for. I'm hypoT and follow a gluten free diet. Many thanks.

I'm afraid I don't know if it has a chemical name. The ones I had did state wheat...

It could be other chemicals? Or an under medicated thyroid still? My scalp gets really flaky when I'm underactive. I'm also allergic to a few different preservatives so struggle with what I can buy nowadays!

Hope you get it figured out xx

Thanks for the advise to check, over the past few years, I have had times when my head has been covered in open sores, but thought it couldn't be hair products as used different ones and sometimes its fine. So I emailed the company about half have gluten as use as a wheat binder, when u read the ingredients on theirs it is listed. Also just because the shampoo has, doesn't mean the conditioner has and vice versa. I know I should always check the label !!!

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