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Clutter - you're very similar to me in meds / dosing so if you don't mind I'm going to pick your brains again:) Also happy to receive bits of brain from anyone else out there!

Increased my first dose of T3 from 5 mcg to 10 mcg this morning. Took it at 7 am. Didn't feel as though I was 'running out' as I had been before. Felt great but took the 5 mcg dose as usual at 2 pm. No aches or pains. Plenty of energy. Cleaned house from to bottom like I used to. Just had final dose of 5 mcg at 8 pm = earlier than the usual 10 pm dose. I was awake for a long time last night. T3 has never done this to me before - even at 3 x 20 mcg in the early days after TT. Also had horrible gastric reflux.

When do you think I can have the 20 mcg in two doses? And when?

Thanks as always xxxxxxx

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Mazzamo, My brain needs every leetle grey cell it has so don't pick 'n' nick them ;)

I think you could try 2 x 10mcg from tomorrow. Try dosing 12 hours apart but if you feel like your running out of steam in the late afternoon/evening take the 2nd dose 2/4 hours earlier. It may take a few days to settle on timing that suits you but as the T3 works in your system you become less susceptible to energy slumps.

I can send you my address if you run out of things to clean :-D


After she's done your place, I'll buy her a ticket to visit Canada. LOL! I've got some filthy windows and lots of dusty book shelves. The kitchen is clean. I have priorities. :)


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