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Finally Getting there ?

Hello everyone

I shared these bloods last week with you - TSH <0.05, FT3 5.6. FT4 18 - 0n combi dose of 75 mcg Thyroxine and 5 mcg T3 at 7 a.m., 5 mcg T3 at 2 pm and another 5 mcg 10 p.m.

Felt much better on this dose a week, then slipped back to migraines, joint pain etc, for a few days, then picked up again last Wednesday.

Now feel as though the T3 is 'running out' on me. Have contacted the Onc who has told me to increase the morning dose to 10 mcg. Did that today and it made such a difference. Didn't get that sense of 'T3 hunger' - in fact, didn't have the pm dose until 4 pm and still felt ok then really.

Hoping that soon I'll be able to go onto 10 mcg twice a day - and hoping, too, that my bloods won't have gone crazy so he wants to step it down when I see him on 5 December.

Also saw Oncologist the day before yesterday. She told me that I was one of only two patients ahe'd had who can achieve a very suppressed TSH on such low doses. She said that the problem of Thyroxine overdose has been made worse by the fact that I'm not converting properly so it's been a double whammy.

She is now to going to monitor me for the Breast Cancer and leave the fine-tuning and mainenance of my thyroid meds.

Has anyone any experience of this sort of dosing?

Hoping for brighter days ahead and so thankful for everyone's support:) xx

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Great that you are feeling better :) I am on a similar dose I think with my 2.25 grains of NDT, which I think equates to 85mcg of T4 and 20 of T3. I have been in this dose for a while and am pretty much symptom free. TSH is undetectable, ft4 mud range and ft3 top third of range. Actually don't think I've had z blood test for a year but am due some next week.

I remember that feeling of the T3 running out only too well... :(

Hope you continue to improve xx


Hi,I'm on 75mg thyroxine 7am then I have 5mg T3 at 11.30am and 5mg T3 at 5.00pm it's trile and error with me,doc n endo r bezzy mates from hell I think lol,my levels are TSH 0.26-T3 5.1-T4 10.9 , I've tried 100mg thyroxine n 5 each of T3 morning and night that made my head spin n feeling sick with bad palpations so I went back down to 75 thyroxine n stopped the T3 for a couple of weeks then re started them,the palpations have gone and I felt great for a while n even lost a stone and a half in weight,but feel pooly again,dizzy,sickly,ringing in ears in stuff, how do you know that your not converting properly ? Coz I pointed this out to my doc the fact that I might not be converting properly n he snapped and said something like "that doesn't matter you take thyroxine " also they say because of my TSH being so low I'm over medication but it's o.k. Then when I say how l feel he says take another 25mg thyroxine,wishing you well xx


Mazzamo, glad the extra T3 helped. 75mcg T4 + 20mcg T3 didn't suppress my TSH but 75+40 sent FT3 over range so I'm hoping 75+30 will be just right.

Don't forget, thyroid meds should be taken after your blood test.


Many do well with a once a day t3 dose. I would never take it at multiple times..too much of a hassle. If you feel you are running out, your dose is too low. Since i don't convert properly, my t3 doesn't work until i cut out all t4 meds. Some people believe that the t4 meds will block thyroid receptors, by turning into reverse t3, reverse t3 puts on the metabolic breaks..seems to happen in my case.


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