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Soy victims claim they were poisoned by high doses of iodine

Soy victims claim they were poisoned by high doses of iodine

News from Australia:

HUNDREDS of people who claim they were poisoned by toxic soy milk are set to share in a $25 million compensation payout.

The proposed settlement is the biggest in Australian food safety class action history, lawyers say.

Almost 500 victims claim they got sick after drinking Bonsoy, which allegedly contained dangerously high iodine levels.

“Some people have had to have their thyroid surgically removed and will be on hormone replacement therapy for the rest of their lives,” Maurice Blackburn principal Jacob Varghese said.

“A couple of women had miscarriages, and people with underlying thyroid disease suffered exacerbated symptoms such as extruded eyeballs and heart palpitations.

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Rod, $50,000 per head less legal fees doesn't seem much for those suffering life long chronic fatigue. protuberant eyeballs and hypothyroidism or for the women who miscarried.


One imagines that the actual costs to the individual could be very significant both initially (legal fees) and over a period many years. Especially if they include psychological support or counselling. Looked at from that point of view, it doesn't look at all "generous". Still, better they won the case than the alternative.


Interesting. A very popular soy drink. Yet out of the population of Australia, only 500 claimants. Maybe people don't realize their problem was soy drink related. Or most people didn't have problems. Or most people drank not very much. It's weird. You'd think consuming such huge amounts of iodine would have affected more people. I read about this case quite some while ago and wondered where it was at. Hadn't realized that there were only 500 plaintiffs. Regardless, even if people had undiagnosed pre-existing conditions, this should not have happened. And given the situation with diagnosis of thyroid problems having pre-existing conditions would not surprise anyone around here.

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Thanks Rod. I had been wondering what happened with this situation. I have not read your links but if I remember correctly the Japanese company was using kombu and the iodine content of the soy drink was up to 2,000 mcg per.... Last I had read the Japanese company had put the Aussies on ignore. So good the case has been settled. Class action law suits never net huge sums for the individuals. But damages are paid out in a differential so those who were most adversely affected do get higher payouts.


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