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Hello everyone - I have been here but have not had alot to say!!

Good Afternoon Lovely People!

As I said, I have been reading posts but have not had much to say. For those who do not know me, I started on NDT in March this year. I have built it up gradually to 3 grains per day taken at night - I went up to 4 grains at one point but think that was a bit too much - and it is difficult to say at the moment as I have gone down with the blasted flu. The one big thing that has happened is that the dreadful hand eczema I had is almost gone completely - this is possibly because I actually have a dermatology appointment - well - nearly. And a strange little occurence - I got a cold sore as I often do when stressed - I always dab a tad of neat alchohol on it and it stops it in it's tracks - vodka in this case. I don't drink it these days but I like pickling plums etc in it. Anyway - it had a marked effect instantly and slowly but surely the eczema went away - probably the NDT as well, but it certainly made a difference. I have also lost some weight - about 6 lbs, which doesn't sound alot but it has made a difference to my clothes. I didn't think I was going to survive after Christmas last year but hey ho - I'm still here!!

Love to everyone who knows me and also to those who don't!! XXXXXXXXXXX

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Good to hear from you and glad things are on the up ! Can you give me the recipe for the plums in vodka. Have just poached some today in red wine and cinnamon then zapped them with a good helping of sheeps' yogurt when cool - yummy ! We only have seasonal fruits here mostly - so plums and damsons it is - along with pomegranates and of course oranges and lemons now are in season....

M x


Hi Sheenah, good to hear from you and I'm glad you're well apart from the flu. Pickled plums sounds nice :-D


Hello Sheenah and pleased to hear that you're making progress. Well done on the weight loss, was that due to NDT?


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