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Anyone familiar with Androgen index?


Got latest letter from endo. Here's the main points...

Total testosterone level is 10.6 nmol/L with normal being 10-30.

SHGB level was on the low side at 14 nmol/L. Normal 13-70.

Making my free androgen index 75.5, normal 36-156 therefore my circulating active i.e. Unbound testosterone levels are well within normal range.

Adrenal glands responded normally to synacthen injection with a peak cortisol level of 832 nmol/L.

My insulin-like growth factor one was 194ug/L. Normal 50-315.

TSH 0.92. Normal 0.5-3.9 And Free T4 14 pmol/L. Normal 10-19.

So, conclusion was.. Nothing to follow up on and being referred back to my doctor.

I don't know what to make apart from its all looks a bit on the low side. I'm on 75 mg of levo but not much is happening with this, I've been up to as high as 125mg but started to fell toxic. I dabbled with small amounts of T3 , that really made me feel toxic ( no longer dabbling!). This Endo tells me there is nothing wrong with and all is normal!

I'm getting really angry and frustrated at the lack of interesting by my doctor and this endo. I'm waiting on my 24 hr salvia index, this may be low but I shall see.

Thank you.

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Typical, you don't have a result for T3, the active hormone, so how can they say all is well? There is a crucial piece of info missing. Might be worth getting your own full thyroid panel done.


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