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My blood work improved, let me tell you why

hi Gravers,

Update from my previouse post, after initial one week taking 2.5mg I took 5mg carbi. My blood work free t4 improved from 3 times higher to 2 times. My hear rate from 102 to 77 per minuts. Important note here is I took 5mg instead of 15mg carbi. Along with 5mg Carbi I took 1000mg L-Carnitine. My TSH still cannot be found which is normal according to my Endo. It will take 4 to 6 months she said. The main concern why I didn't follow the dosage of what my Endo suggested. I am afriad of being hypo. Hope my experience helps.

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Chrissy, If you had taken the prescribed dose your FT4 would have recovered faster and probably more.

While your TSH remains undetectable and your FT4 above range you will not go hypo. If you take the prescribed dose and have 4 weekly blood tests to monitor, your GP/endo will reduce your Carbimazole dose if TSH rises and FT4 falls to avoid you becoming hypothyroid.


ThanK's babe, I have not much confident on my Endo she chanGED her mind overnight on my dosage from 10mg to 15mg previous visit. Now base on my blood work she resudes my dosage to 7.5mg ...


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