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My Endo is about to agree a trial of T3

He is going to recommend this to my GP. He did make some noises about it not being approved by my area health authority and I would have to buy it privately at quite a large cost. I am wondering that once I get the dose right with him I could stop taking his prescriptions and buy it from somewhere in Europe. Would he still treat me if I provided my own drugs?

I had some test for Addison which were negative but have very high glandular fever antibodies he thinks that this has poss caused by hashimotos and left me with this a cop out diagnosis? I guess I should be glad he is considering T3.

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Slower and Slower, If an NHS consultant recommends T3 your GP is likely to prescribe it. There are mutterings that local CCGs may want some prescribed medicines to be dispensed by the consultant's hospital pharmacy but I've not heard this has happened.

If you're seeing your endo privately, you should be able to use the private prescription wherever you want to, including online pharmacies. 28 x 20mcg Liothyronine costs between £120-£150 in the UK so it is worth looking online or considering significantly cheaper foreign brands, with or without prescription,


I don't know about a cop-out diagnosis, but it's rather a confused one! lol I don't know if glandular fever antibodies attack the thyroid, never heard anything about that. Is he sure they're glandular fever antibodies and not Hashi's antibodies? Do you have a print-out of your results?

Hashi's can cause CFS, but that is just saying that you have a lot of unresolved symptoms so are not on a high-enough dose yet. Because CFS is not a disease, it is a syndrome - i.e. a bunch of unresolved symptoms! Perhaps that's why he's giving you the T3. But I do Wonder if he knows what he's talking about or is just making it up as he goes along! lol

Hugs, Grey


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