endocrinologist has discharged me? is this normal for someone who has a suppressed tsh that they just dismiss you? I am still suffering?

As far as I remember - when I was taking 60mg of T3 - My t3 was 7.4 (normal range 9-21) and my T4 was 4.3 (normal range 1.6-3) my iron levels are 218, my prolactin level is coming down it was pretty I am waiting for results for my TPO anti bodies, Vitamin tests and other thyroid tests. So I should get them this week.

Last month I ended up in hospital with numbness in the face, brain,neck, back, feeling like I was about to collapse, faint,etc all these crazy symptoms I was really really ill and ended up being rushed to hospital! I was held in hospital for 2 days and they done blood tests, blood pressure tests,etc and found nothing and then they referred me to an ENT specialist and stuffed tubes down my nose and found nothing wrong.

I spoke to one girl on this site and she suggested to cut down my dose- so I cut my dose from 60 to 40mg of t3 the numbness in the brain stopped and started to feel ok for the first week then after that, the symptoms of chronic fatigue,exhaustion, low sex drive, lack of stamina,depression is still lingering along with many other crazy symptoms.

now I have found out that my endocrinologist has discharged me saying that he has done all that he can and all my tests are fine after seeing him last month and suffering like hell and after seeing him I ended up in hospital x2. He says his hands are tied and there nothing else he can do but I have to go and see my psychiatrist, my tsh has been suppressed and I just have to deal with my G.P for the rest of my tests....

Do I sense negligence or am I being over the top??

Do all endocrinologists dismiss their patients after having a suppressed TSH?

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  • So sorry about your experience. I had a similar experience with Neurologist.

    It seems if they do not know what or how to treat they try and push you over to psychologist (would I be guessing suggesting a somatic problem?). Its ridiculous. Better they simply were honest & said they do not have the knowledge or sort further tests.

    Two suggestions..

    Go back to your gp and go through this, explain all. You can ask for a second opinion but be warned the consultants work in team and very much support each other (unless a blatant negligence is shown).

    Secondly you can complain to the hospital (PALS Depth.).

    I guess the third is to do nothing but its not an option if you are poorly and suffering.


  • ok no worries - bloody ridiculous!

  • HypoHippo, he has discharged you because he can't help you not because your TSH is suppressed. Your TSH is suppressed because you're taking T3.

    If your psychiatrist rules out somataform disorder and thinks your symptoms are due to thyroid issues ask your GP for referral to another endocrinologist who may be able to help you.

    Ask your GP to test your iron, ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate to rule out deficiencies which cause fatigue, low mood etc. similar to hypothyroid symptoms.

  • I got tested last week and waiting for them again clutter. I should get my results back this week!

    I will get another referral and ask for a second opinion!

    My psychiatrists thinks its mostly bipolar than thyroid but does acknowledge that there is a link between bipolar and hypothyroidism however he can not do anything about it!!

  • Hypohippo, get your psychiatrist to look over the thyroid results. He can at least check that thyroid is optimally medicated in which case your symptoms may not be thyroidal and may be bipolar symptoms. Perhaps you could discuss whether there are alternative psych meds which may not cause so much fatigue. I think they all ruin libido.

  • Ah, Libido. I forgot to put a leash on it. It wandered off. It seems it was apprehended by the Libido catchers. Then, from what I could find out, it was taken to the local Lost Libido shelter and lacking a microchip, it was adopted. I hope it's doing well in its new home............Despite searching high and low I have seen neither hide nor hair of my lost Libido. Maybe it's living in another city.

    It's been so so long now, I forget what Libido was like to live with.

  • Gabkad, Libido and G spot seem to be equally elusive. I suspect mine were sacrificed to antidepressant cocktails long before my Hashi party started.

  • The odd thing is HRT makes no difference either. I don't live in a potentially libidinous situation and I'm past prowling.

    Maybe testosterone gel can help? That's not something I'd want to experiment with. I already have enough hairs on the chinnychinchin.

    The irony of menopause: hair moves from location to location..... I do wish though the chin hair would move back to my shins.

  • interesting hmmm dunno worth a try i guess

  • Don't know how old you are, but lots of women use a bit of T gel to get their drive going.

  • Might natural pregestorne cream help? Very funny gabkad and Clutter : ).

  • Progesterone, if you are pre-menopause, will help with PMT. Make a person nicer and less irritable. But for sex drive? No. Sex drive is testosterone.

    I was just reading: Libido and sexual response are not the same thing.

    300 microgram testosterone patches work.

  • Hi gabkad, according to the following progesterone cream can be converted to testosterone:


    'Progesterone is the precursor of the mineralocorticoid aldosterone, and after conversion to 17-hydroxyprogesterone (another natural progestogen) of cortisol and androstenedione. Androstenedione can be converted to testosterone, estrone and estradiol. Progesterone is produced in the adrenal glands, the gonads (specifically after ovulation in the corpus luteum), the brain, and, during pregnancy, in the placenta.'

    Off topic but interesting:


    'Blood sugar levels are affected by the presence of too much oestrogen. The symptoms of blood sugar imbalance are in many ways synonymous with oestrogen dominance, PMS and thyroid problems. The hormones insulin, glucagon and the stress hormone adrenalin control blood sugar levels. Stress hormones are made from progesterone in the body. A low level of progesterone can affect adversely affect how we cope with stress.'

  • Yes, but.... progesterone replacement therapy does not result in sex drive. Unfortunately.

    Have you ever taken the birth control pill... It reduces the sex drive too. That's the irony.

  • Oh well, I hope at least it helps to balance my hormones. Never been on birth control pill. Just didn't have any sex : )

  • My sex life has been crap - my ex was complaining about me needing to perform better I was like too pooped out and run down and bed ridden all the time...night mare....before this i was randy little bitch hahahaahha now I am slowed down...oh its awful and I got a nice man from Norway interested in meeting me around christmas time so seeing how it all goes!

  • Performance? Swinging from the chandelier? LOL!

  • ahhahaha aye thats right rofl

  • I don't suppose it would help if you were to say you didn't fancy him anymore : )

  • ok no worries - I am currently off my medications for bipolar and have been for some time now and even before the medications I was completely bedridden - it was bloody awful!

  • What wonderful and amusing repartee to start the day--thanks Its nice to see you have retained your sense of humour despite loosing libidos etc. I'm also looking for mine. but looking at my aging husband--I'm not desperate

  • I hope you send Louise (administrator) the name of this endocrinologist to put on the bad endo list. And ask for the good nhs endo list at the same time, in the hope you can be referred to one. louise.warvill@thyroiduk.org.uk.

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