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Very concerned

Please can anyone explain this. My 27 yr old daughter was recently in hospital. After receiving a copy of medical records it showed blood tests with tsh included(she was born with underactive thyroid) her tsh was 6 on 18 th Oct and when blood tests were done on the 19 th her tsh was 10? Months ago she had a scan which she was told was clear despite having obvious lump in neck. Written report from endo to gp said only patchiness in scan yet Hospital records say a thyroid cyst. On a stress treadmill test in hospital it was stopped after minute and a half as her bp dropped by 20. She was in hospital due to severe stomach pain and collapsing with confusion. Drs said the bp wasn't an issue despite my daughter being told by the technician performing the test that it would be dangerous to proceed. She was told she needed to see an endo which didn't happen and she was discharged. She has had nausea, vomiting since Xmas etc, palpitations for a long time.

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It sounds like your daughters needs to see her gp to discuss this and likely be re referred.

I have had considerable amount of vague and conflicting written information from hospital and consultants. This creates so much concern and all medical info should be conducive.

If your daughter is still experiencing problems she really should follow up.

One thing I have learn't on here is that hormone tests can be within 'normal' range but does not mean the body is converting and using hormones correctly.



HI I would suggest you both find a good Endo, then ask the GP to refer her for a start. You may find she needs to see a cardiologist too in time just to be sure. Thyroid she needs, tSH, T4 and Free T3, B12 and diabetes tests, hormonal, iron and ferritin and vit D, hormonal too.

Best wishes,



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