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Where can I buy Armour thyroid?

After 20 months of struggling with Levothyroxine therapy and then Levothyroxine and Liothyronine combined therapy following removal of follicular variant papillary thyroid cancer in February 2013 my specialist has now started me on Armour thyroid 30mg tablets x 2 daily. I've been on Armour for nearly 3 weeks and I've seen an improvement in my symptoms and wish to continue with this therapy. My problem is that my GP might decline to prescribe it for me so I need to source my own. So, where can I buy it and at what cost? My local Boots chemist has quoted me just over £60.00 for 100 x 30mg tablets but as I have lost my job due to the cancer I cannot really afford this. Any help with finding a reputable supplier at a reasonable cost would be most appreciated.

Many thanks in advance to all those that message me.

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Try <an internet source> in California that's where I have to buy mine from.


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Thanks, I'll have a look online.

TT x



I've looked at their website but it seems rather expensive, nearly $90.00, plus it mentioned that HM Revenue & Customs might inspect the parcel and VAT would need to be paid plus £15.00 handling fee. I've been to my local Boots and they've said it will be just over £60.00, I cannot remember the exact cost, but this might be a better option.

Thank you for your reply.



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