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Results for levels please advise

August T4 15.7 (12/22)

Tsh 2.56 (0.4 /4.0

Sept. T4 16.5 (12/22)

Tsh 2.10 (0.27/4.2

Nov t4 22.9 (12/22)

Tsh 0.33 (22/42)

Fsh levels show menopause.

Take 75 mg thyroxine

Have mirena coil fitted and starting on eastrogen gel today.

Do theses look ok to everyone I can see nov t4 high. And tsh level don't understand, she must have read it wrong,

Has anyone heard of the interaction of eastrogen with thyroxine, heard you have to increase thyroxine.

Any clues please would be great.

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Scampi, FT4 is a gnat's above range but isn't anything to worry about. TSH looks about right given the increase in FT4 but if you think it was given inaccurately ask for a printout of your results.

Oestrogen can bind with Levothyroxine reducing absorption which is why it is advised to take it at least 4 hours away from Levothyroxine. Ask for a thyroid test in 8 weeks in case the HRT affects absorption and you need an increase in Levothyroxine.


I think I probably do need to increase, feel terrible, it was instant as soon as I too the eastrogen which is gel so it's on all day, I take my thyroxine at night, because I have other tablets for Ménière's disease that need tobe taken in the morning, only been on it for 3 days my temp during the day has been 35.6 and I have been absolutely freezing, with red hot cheeks, and shaking panic and anxiety heart racing feeling sick headache, my gp won't test again, will just have to experiment myself. I can't make matters any worse than they already are. Thank you for the reply and the help.


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