Significant raise in TSH

Hello. My tsh over the last 3 months has significantly risen without reason. It has risen from 8 up to 27. Doctors have increased my thyroxine to 200 Mcg now but I'm not feeling drunk all of the time. Whenever I stand up I feel very lightheaded and often dizzy. I'm also suffering from heart palpitations when I carry out simple tasks like making the bed. Could anyone please explain or had similar problems?

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  • My other ranges are: TSH 27.1 (0.20-6.00) T4 15.4 (10-20) and T3 3.9 (3,50-6.50).

  • Looking at your results I would say that something is stopping you converting T4 to T3. Your T4 levels are not bad (although there is room for improvement - you are nowhere near hyper) but your T3 level is near the bottom of the range and your body is asking for more (hence the high TSH level). I feel light headed when I am under medicated. When you say palpitations - is that with a fast pulse or a slow one? When I am under medicated I get a slow but very loud pulse. Have you ever had your ferritin levels tested? Low levels of ferritin can stop the body converting T4 to T3 properly, and low iron gives a fast pulse on any type of physical exertion.

  • The body has a control mechanism to regulate the conversion of thyroxine (T4) to T3, which is the active hormone. This control mechanism often means that taking higher doses of thyroxine does not deliver any benefit.

    If is likely that you would benefit from adding some T3.

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