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Significant raise in TSH

Hello. My tsh over the last 3 months has significantly risen without reason. It has risen from 8 up to 27. Doctors have increased my thyroxine to 200 Mcg now but I'm not feeling drunk all of the time. Whenever I stand up I feel very lightheaded and often dizzy. I'm also suffering from heart palpitations when I carry out simple tasks like making the bed. Could anyone please explain or had similar problems?

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My other ranges are: TSH 27.1 (0.20-6.00) T4 15.4 (10-20) and T3 3.9 (3,50-6.50).


Looking at your results I would say that something is stopping you converting T4 to T3. Your T4 levels are not bad (although there is room for improvement - you are nowhere near hyper) but your T3 level is near the bottom of the range and your body is asking for more (hence the high TSH level). I feel light headed when I am under medicated. When you say palpitations - is that with a fast pulse or a slow one? When I am under medicated I get a slow but very loud pulse. Have you ever had your ferritin levels tested? Low levels of ferritin can stop the body converting T4 to T3 properly, and low iron gives a fast pulse on any type of physical exertion.


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