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GIT upset and periods

I have had a long history of what I call "Accute Bowel Pain". I first remember bowel pains when I was 6yrs old and going to school. I remember getting really bad cramps at school before tests etc although not very often. The "attacks" came far apart and was usually linked to stress. Lately, I get them every month on day 1 and 2 of my period. I also had severed gluten intolerance during my last pregnancy, which gave me almost chronic pain attacks when I just looked at gluten. The pain feels like gas in my intestines. It comes and goes as the gas moves through my bowels (especially lower bowels).

I am recovering from almost 48hrs of severe cramps today but today I feel like a light fever is setting in and I am so tired. (My kids had their combined birthday party on Saturday that means I probably stressed more than usual and I had gluten and my period started) I took Buscopan, Eno's and ginger tea to try and ease the pain. I think the Eno's helped the most.

Can it be that hormones upset my biochemistry or stomach acid? Or that my bowels are in an inflammatory state during this time? I will keep a record, but I did not have these cramps in this year when it was not my period. I remember what uterus cramps feel like - this is not the same. It is in my intestines and is so acute, it feels like someone is stabbing me with a knife in my gut.

Does anybody else have more GIT upset during their menstruation? What can I use to ease the pain when it gets so intense.



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I think sometimes a visit to the doctor is called for. Take Care.


I get worse bowel pain around menstruation, also if I eat wheat. I was referred to a GI consultant 5 years ago, then a surgeon for investigation. It was thought I had surgical adhesions (following c-section) which aggravated bowel function and made pain worse. I was very dubious when I was prescribed laxatives (macrogol) but after a few months, I improved a lot. I really would ask for a referral to a specialist about your pain. Don't just put up with it.

Good Luck !


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