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whether I have got hypothyroidism

When I checked my symptoms from a hypothyroidism website page hypothyroidismsymptoms.net/... compared with my situation. Maybe it is very possible to get it.

My symptoms included weight gain, mild depression, cold much of the time. Even in these days I had a little hair loss when my washing hair.

I'm a little pessimistic for it. As far as I know it's very difficult to be cured.

Tomorrow I will go to see a doctor.

Who can give me some suggestion?

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If you are diagnosed with hypothyroidism, I am afraid it is a lifetime of lifegiving medication. It's no problem really, as we take a thyroid hormone (usually levothyroxine) first thing with a glass of water and eat about 1 hour later.

This is a link and ask your GP for a Full Thyroid Function test.


Usually they just ask for the TSH to be done and if in the normal range the lab doesn't do others but many of us may have a low T3 which is the Active hormone which drives our metabolism and wouldn't feel well if it is low.

From this link you will see what you should ask for:


Have your blood test as early as possible.


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Yes don't panic that you are on medication for life. As Shaws says it isn't cured but managed and by taking medication you are just putting back into your body that, which for some reason, your body isn't managing to regulate itself. It's not alwYs an easy ride though as regulating can take time to sort as it takes about 6 weeks for the thyroxine to reach a steady level and most probably in the eay days you will then need to increase again until you arrive at the correct level for you. Increments are taken in small steps of 25 mcg but hopefully in this journey you will start to feel a lite better. Each test you have ask for your results. Your doctor should give them to you though there may be a nominal charge to cover the cost of paper and ink. Post them on here with the ranges for others to comment. The ranges are important as they vary from lab to lab. Post any queries you have, nothing is too small, it's a learning curve and we have all been there!

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