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Hi folks. Just had full panel of bloods done. Total serum calcium is just slightly high and corrected calcium slightly low. B12 is 1083. Vitamin d 38, and ferretin 13.

Having headaches fatigue frequent urination but not sure if this connected.

I am taking calcium plus vit d calchichew but during a period of high stress i forgot to take them.

Can someone tell me if this is why i am feeling so dreadful and does my ferretin seem low.

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Annette, ferritin and vitD are low. Supplement ferrous fumarate and take each tablet with 500mg-1,000mg of vitamin C to aid absorption. Retest in 4/6 months.

You need 5,000iu vitD3 daily for 6/8 weeks to boost your vitD levels and can then take 5,000iu on alternate days until April when you should retest. Make sure you take the calcium regularly.


Thanks Clutter. I had an idea this was the problem. Was also thinking my adrenals have taken a kicking due to very high stress due to ill hubby. Thinking maybe cortisol low aswel. Any idea how to sort this? Thanks for response i will up my vit d and ferretin.


Annette, I don't know anything about Cortisol. Post a new question as there are several members who are very knowledgeable about it.

Are your thyroid meds right? Frequent urination seems to occur when over and undermedicated.


I have frequent urination and also scalloped tongue and have suspected under medication for some time.


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