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Test results advice (part 2)

TSH 1.67 (0.35-5.50)

FT4 8.8 (7-17)

Shaws and Clutter have commented on these results for my friend and asked for other results - here they are

Folate - 24.9 (>3) she is taking Folic acid as levels have dropped to as little as 2.3

B12 - 290 (150-900) again she has injections as it dropped to 117

Ferritin - 111 (15-200)

Vit D - never been done as lab reluctant to do it.

Thanks once again.


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Was your friend tested for pernicious anaemia before the B12 jabs? Did she have loading doses to build levels prior to 3 monthly maintenance doses? B12 is usually high or over range after B12 jabs but your friend's is very low.

Her folate is good now. Does it drop when she doesn't supplement?

Her GP should insist the lab tests vitD. They may decline to do it more than a couple of times a year but it isn't up to the lab to decline to test at all. Ferritin looks fine.


Not sure about the loading doses for B12 - I'll contact her again

Yes, her folate levels drop to single figures when she doesn't supplement.

The labs are sometimes a law unto themselves....T3 test - no chance!! lol

Thanks again Clutter - it really is appreciated



Ask her whether she was tested for PA too, Terri.


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