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About recent bad T3 batches & T3 out of supply again. Has anyone contacted this Unit of the Scottish Government?

This was part of a letter written by David Cline, Unit Head of Clinical Priorities at the Scottish Government as part of a response to the Scottish Thyroid and Adrenal petition:

"In terms of the possibility of potency levels of T3 currently varying between

batches, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) have

responsibility across the UK for the licensing, supply and safety of medicines. In order to

allow them to follow up on whether or not there is a difference in potency levels between

current batches of T3 then it would be helpful if details could be supplied of the batch

numbers, expiry date, marketing authorisation holder and product licence for the

medicine. The Scottish Government would be happy to follow this up with MHRA if these

details can be supplied."

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The pity of this is that if people are taking T3 or T3/T4 prescribed in the UK, as most have been feeling bad in the first place, wont be able to detect whether it is a bad batch of T3 as they may have not been improving on levothyroxine alone. So there is a dilemma - is their T3 faulty or not?


And (speaking as a long time conspiracy theorist) I would be a tad wary of why this information is being collected. Could it be that it will be used as ammunition for not prescribing T3 at all, because it's not being manufactured to stringent enough standards?


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