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Cortisol blood test

Have been feeling exhausted due to lot of stress situations this year, have managed to persuade my GP to sanction a Cortisol test by taking blood. Three years ago I paid out for an adrenal test privately which used saliva testing but am not in a position to do this again, hence blood test only on NHS. Could anybody give advice as to what time for instance would be best to have this blood test taken at local hospital, relevant department open 9-2pm. Or any information on this type of test for Cortisol levels would be appreciated. Many thanks.

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Morning on empty stomach, no meds.

Do not hold your breath as i also had this test, my cortisol was off the map it was so low and still the NHS did jack about it. They do not treat or acknowledge adrenal issues until you are well into Addison's Disease, so please don't get your hopes up.


Thanks for your response Bluedaffodil, not surprised at your findings, I will have the test but like you do not feel positive about what help will be forthcoming with the results, what a nightmare eh.


Hi Joyia, another thing to mention is that you have to make sure you've stopped taking certain over the counter medication too for a good few months before having the test otherwise you will get a false normal on the blood tests. I was taking a nasal spray for allergies and it contained cortiscosteriods which raises your blood levels of cortisol. There are also other medications like the pill which can raise the blood levels so make sure you've checked everything that you have been regularly taking for the last few months. The Saliva tests are not usually skewed by these kinds of medications.

Good luck and hope you find out whats wrong


Thanks again, apart from vitamins I only take thyroxine, as for the Pill at 74 I am not sure I need to worry! it is good to inform me of your own experiences though.


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