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Coming off hc

I was put on hc 7 years ago by a dr in belguim and I've taken varieing doses up too 35 mg,my problem is I can't tell I'm on it and I'm having a dreadfull time raising NDT ,does it sound sensible to come off the hc and a saliva test to see exactly where I am with that ,instead of guessing?? How much do I drop at a time and how long do I leave it between drops? I'm ever so scared of it all as I'm self treating.x

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As I understand it, you need to sort out your adrenals before thyroid supplementation can be 100% effective - perhaps other members can comment on this?

I self-dose with HC too. You could have saliva test done whilst maintaining your current dose of HC - in that way the results will show if you are under or over medicated and you can adjust accordingly. I can't suggest how much you drop at a time, but as a precaution I'd suggest you drop by the smallest amount possible and see how you feel for the following 2 weeks. During this time it would be a good idea to monitor your blood pressure and pulse - if BP starts to drop then you have maybe reduced the HC too much. I think that t pays to be patent and go slowly, with small changes.

If you wanted to test how much your adrenals had recovered you would have to stop your HC dose and wait several days for it to clear your system - but you are on quite a big dose of HC and stopping suddenly doesn't sound like a good idea.


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