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Some help please?

Hi Guys. I had my little girl back in 2012 and had post partum thyroiditus. I only had the hyperthyroid phase though. I was never told what i had but i dont remeber getting the hypo phase of it. Anyway i felt fine after a little while and have been fine ever since. 3 weeks ago i started a new job, longer hours and more stress as im in charge of the kitchen. about 10 days ago i got a sore throat and felt just a bit blergh. I have a busy life, 3 kids, football at weekends and running a house. the usual. I thought i just had a virus but then a few days in started to get mild dizzy spells, if i was standing up i would feel like the room was spinning for a few seconds and i get a bit breathless plus i have a resting heart rate of about 84bpm. I dont have any other symptoms they are it. My throat has got better and my cough has gone but i still feel sort of light headed. I feel fine when lying down though. I went to the doctor and he felt my neck and has asked for thyroid function tests and anemia tests. Does this all sound like my thyroid id playing up again? Im not sure if because im worrying it is exagerating my lightheaded feeling. Im so terrified of it being my thyroid again. My life was just going good, better job etc you know. sorry for rambling. No one really understands what im on about at home because i look fine on the outside.

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Only your blood results will tell I'm afraid. I had post-partum thyroidism after having my daughter in 2009 and developed full-blown hypothyroism this year. Apparently it's very likely after having the post-partum type that you will get problems later. At least if you have, you can get treatment. I didn't realise the problems could come back until I got really unwell (passing out constantly and turned out I had a TSH of 132.6!). Better to find out sooner rather than later I think. Hopefully its not and you are 'just' anaemic - my friend had similar symptoms to me and after a few months of iron tablets she was well again.

Don't forget to get your blood results and post them on here if you are unsure once you get them.

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Good advice from Kel8. I am sorry you are having a rough time at the moment so get a blood test. Have it as early as possible as the TSH is highest then, also ask for your cholesterol, B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate to be tested. (Usually the vitamins/minerals are deficient if hypo) and high cholesterol is a clinical symptom. Some doctors are unaware of this and prescribe statins but it should reduce if you are hypothyroid (although you'd be happy if it wasn't). You are right to check your thyroid gland status and it may be o.k. It's horrible to feel so unwell and we do want to know what the cause is.



Thanks guys. I do feel much better. The only symptom I still have is the woozy feeling. I'm trying to get my bloods done as soon as I can. Currently the next appointment available is over a week away. I'm hoping whatever it is its very mild. I will post my results as soon as I get them. I've heard people saying to get the range as well? What is that?


The blood test results are something like this:-

TSH 1.60 (0.27 - 4.2)

The first is the result of the test and the figures in brackets are the ranges. Labs differ throughout the country so that's why the ranges are important.


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