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Stopped taking carb,bloods OK touch wood but feeling allergic - reacting to dust, central heating... is this reaction to no medication?

Having another blood test Friday, seeing Endos next week. Was on carb for 18 months but gradual reducation not block and replace, ended up on 5mg every other day, felt very well, apart from few palpitations... this may be coincidence but know I have more chance of good answer here than from GP, in last few days (stopped taking carb three weeks ago) much more allergic to dust, even central heating, eyes very itchy, nose and throat like I have a cold... crossing fingers its not autoimmune coming back having been supressed by carb.... any answers anyone? Thank you!

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Tilly, thanks for posting. I'm sorry you've had no replies.


It's still driving me insane!!!


Tilly, repost it in a new question. Maybe someone will be able to advise this time.


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