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Endo Shropshire - which one?

I have recently been diagnosed with Hashimotos and the Levo (after 3.5 months) is not working and TSH is 1.8. I requested an Endo appointment. The referral team have called and offered me the choice of:

Russells Hall Dudley - Dr. Ashawesh, Dr. Siddique

Telford Princess Royal - Dr David Barton

Newcross Wolverhampton - Dr Buch, Dr Baskar

Royal in Shrewsbury - Dr A Macleod, Dr P Moulik

Birmingham QE - no names were given

I understand that no-one can recommend as such but would be interested to pm someone who has experience with any of these hospitals. It's quite urgent as I need to ring back the referral team with a decision or lose my slot.

Hope someone can pm a reply Thank you.

Endo recommendations via private messages please in line with posting guideline #24, thank you, Clutter.

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Tiredothetime, you can add the names of the endocrinologists but replies will need to be via Private Messages.

You can edit your post by clicking on the down arrow next to Recommend and select edit. When you've added the names click on the orange Edit response button.


Tiredothe time, you can ask to be referred to whichever hospital you want, you aren't limited to the ones offered to you. I have been in Shropshire for 24 yrs and have always asked to be referred outside the area, having been advised to do so by a friend who was well placed to make that suggestion.


Hi Hidden, Could you tell me which Endo you see. I have been receiving prescriptions from my GP in Shropshire, they have just informed me the CCG have stopped my prescriptions. My GP has said he will refer me to an Endo but suggests not one in Shropshire since they will abide by the CCG request not to prescribe T3 and ERFA Thyroid....the two prescriptions which keep me well!

Thank you in advance.



When a member appears with a name Hidden it means they are no longer around - they have left the forum. Hence they will probably never see your response/question.

I suggest your write a brand new post and ask for recommendations. Maybe make clear your options (Clwyd?, Powys?, West Midlands? Staffordshire?).


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