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Can anybody help me with my results. I have been on Bovine (NDT) for over three months now and have just got my blood test result's.

My TSH is high 10.6 Normal ref range in Australia is between 0.50-4.00 My T4 was 10.7 Normal ref Range is 10-19.0 . Our reference range in Australia would be different to the UK which is why i have listed the normal ranges here. Thank-you in advance for any help you can give.

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Recovered, as previous posters have said, the hormone content in non-prescription bovine and porcine glandular supplements will be very low, possibly only a trace, and is insufficient to treat overt hypothyroidism.

Westhroid Pure and Armour natural dessicated pig thyroid (NDT) are both lactose and gluten free. WP is generally recommended as hypo-allergenic. This link contains a list of NDT brands and their ingredients.

You might also check with a good pharmacist whether liquid Levothyroxine is available in Australia or can be imported as liquid form should be purer and won't have the fillers which may be causing you problems.


Thank-you so much for your reply and help, I am going to go to the site you recommended. I am finding it so hard to cope with how i am feeling at time's. When i initially up my dose of Bovine, ( which is every fortnight ) to reach optimal level, I feel great for a couple of days then flatten out again. I am currently on 3 a day and the max is 4 so it would seem that you most certainly are correct,its not strong enough to have any lasting effects on my hormone's. Thank you again for pointing this out to me i am most grateful. Thank God for Thyroid Health, we all need each other so much.


And you are hypo. :)


And dont i know it ??


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