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Thyroid Ultrasound this morning

I just got back from my Ultrasound. After my TSH was 'normal' last month (3.9 taken at 12pm before I knew any better!) I pointed out a lump to my GP, so he agreed to send me for an ultrasound. He told me that only a Consultant could order a T4 test, so this was partly an attempt to get referred! Anyway the ultrasound showed a slightly enlarged thyroid and a few nodules, both of which the Sonographer said was 'normal'. I have a feeling I may have a fight on my hands to get the other blood tests!

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If I were you I would order a full thyroid test through Blue Horizon. Even if they agree to FT4 you still won't get FT3 and both of these are important to get a full picture. If you post your results on here you will get some good advice. I had a TSH of 3.4 and was refused treatment by the NHS. I had loads of symptoms. I have just started NDT which has been prescribed privately.


I was sent away several times from the hospital after an aspirationof the swelling was found to be benign. I insisted on an op and it was found I had papilliary cancer, subsequently both sides and I went on to have TT nearly 14 years ago. It was found early simply because I knew that having a lump on the thyroid is not 'normal'. Yours is probably just fine, but any lumps do have to be checked out thoroughly, not sure if I would rely entirely on the sonographer.


I have an appt. on Monday with a Dr to discuss the results, so I'll see what he has to say.


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