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Just been to my doctor feeling ill with a urine infection . But asked him to write down my last thyroid reading as I have come down from 150mcgs to 100 mcgs in three months. Wonder if any one can help me here as to what this means as I feel too miserable to look it up on the computer. Is this a normal reading ?

The reading I got from the doctor says Free T4 20 ( 11-27)

TSH 0.25 ( 0.3-10.5)

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Sorry I mean't to say, I am on Thyroxine.


On their own, those results don't look too bad. Of course if you have an infection you will be feeling totally *&*^&. Did the doctor give you antibiotics? Do you have frequent urine infections? If so, it might be worth trying to identify the cause when you are feeling a bit stronger.

When you are, ask your doctor for a print out of all test results from, say, the last 2 years. That will give you an idea of which tests have been done and which you should ask for.


Thank you rosetrees

Yes , I got antibiotics, feel a bit miserable though.

You said that reading looked fine, doctor said it was too high, so I have been asked to cut down by another 25mcgs. I am worried about coming down any further on my thyroxine. What do you think rosetrees ?


I didn't say it looked "fine" - I just said it didn't look too bad. The big question is do you have symptoms of hypo or hyper. While you're low with the infection you probably can't tell.

When you're feeling better, I'd suggest you do what a friend did in a similar situtation. Cut down for yourself, without mentioning it to your doctor. Give it a week or two and see if you feel better or worse. If the doctor's right and you actually feel better, then you can go back and tell him and officially reduce your dose. If you feel worse, you can say nothing and hope your doctor has a short memory.


Thank you rosetrees, you are right, I do feel bad with infection. I just think I have to wait and see how I feel as the doctor was quite adamant about my last blood test being higher than it should be. Over weight as I am, so don't want to pile on more weight after coming down by 50 mcgs after 30 years. I did feel fine on 150mcgs and on 125 mcgs, now down to 100 mcgs. I know I will have to see how I feel with this lower dose, its a long wait three months though, before my next blood test. Struggling with my weight as it is !


The doctor and you have to agree to med changes and if you are worried I would leave them as they are for now. Your tsh is not suppressed and your t4 isn't at the top of the range. so I wouldn't think that you are over medicated, but I am not a doctor.

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Thank you Stourie. Doctor disageed with reading, told me to cut back by another 25mcgs after already having cut back 25mcgs I did feel okay on the dose of 150 mcgs and 125 mcgs , on 100 mcgs now. Got to wait 3 months before a blood test is taken again . Doctor told me it takes 1week to get 50mcg of thyroxine out of you system, so maybe it will take three months before my body has settled down with a lower dose, not sure. I have put on weight as it is and don't want to be underactive and put on more weight as I am feeling bad enough being over weight. My doctor is quite adamant about my level of Thyroxine, so if I don't feel good after some time, I will go back to 125 mcgs with out telling him. I feel coming down 50 mcgs after 30yrs is a lot. I know it depends how I feel on that lower dose though !


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