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Help with blood results please

I've been following the postings for a while and am amazed by how supportive and helpful everyone is - and way more knowledgeable about all things thyroid! I would really appreciate some help with my recent blood tests - I haven't felt well for ages but the GP just mutters about age/menopause/ etc. I live in France so not sure how the ranges translate but here goes:

TSH 4.15 (.27- 4.20) previous test in June 2014 was 3.70

FT3 2.63 (2- 4.4) previously 3.22

FT4 1.25 (1.00-1.60) previously 1.28

TP0ab 13.5 (below 34)

TgAb 4.2 (below 115)

TSH Antibodies .63 (below 1.50)

Iron 104 (37-145) previously 80

Calcium 91 (86.100)

Ferritin 124 (13 - 150) previously 105

Folate 8.4 (above 6.00)

B12 449 (191-663)

Vit D2/D3 108 (48-144) previously 55 + treated

From what I can make out my TSH is high and rising but most other numbers look to be OK. What does that mean and could the high TSH be the reason why I don't feel well? Grateful for any help!!

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Mama-Chutch, welcome to the forum.

You don't have autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto's) but your thyroid is failing and will account for your symptoms. Your TSH is almost at the top of the ref range and your FT4 and FT3 have dropped. I'd be inclined to ask for a trial of Levothyroxine or see another doctor for a second opinion.

Make sure to have your next thyroid blood test as early as possible in the morning when TSH is highest and you may be above the ref range and qualify for a diagnosis and treatment.

Ferritin can rise if you have pain/inflammation/illness but yours isn't unduly high and is still within range. The other results look fine but low levels of ultraviolet light Oct-April mean that vitD isn't stimulated so you may want to supplement 1,000iu-2,000iu vitD3 softgel caps to maintain your levels.

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Hello Clutter - thank you so much for your quick response. The most recent blood test was done at 7 in the morning (which means in UK but I'll go back to the GP as he may just be inclined to humour me with a trial of Levo if I nag him enough in my best French. What dose would you recommend if he agrees? How long for? Sorry for all the questions!


Mama-Chutch, 'trial period' is really a ploy to demonstrate that you need Levothyroxine and can show that, 3 months say, has helped your symptoms, reduced your TSH and improved your FT4 and FT3. If it helps you will need it permanently.

If you're under 50 75mcg would be a good starter dose. 50mcg if you're over 50. You should have a follow up blood test 6/8 weeks later as the dose may need increasing until your TSH is just above or below 1.0.


Thanks for that Clutter. I'm rapidly heading towards the big 6-o so will try for the lower dose. I'm really hoping this will help. I'll post again once I've seen the GP. Thanks again


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