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Hi there,

I suffer with an under active thyroid and I often come on here for advice and help from others. It's incredible to read your stories and see how everyone copes with their illness.

I'm 21 and I have found that a lot of the information, given to me by the doctors, leaves me feeling more bemused than how I felt when I entered the room. I would love to understand more about the illness and for there to be more help for people who suffer with thyroid conditions too. I know, first hand, that it changes your life and I now want to help people who suffer with the condition too.

I am wondering if there are any fundraising campaigns for thyroid disease or whether anyone has thought of starting an awareness campaign, such as the ALS campaign? I appreciate this is a completely different illness but that's the first example of a campaign that popped into my mind.

I'd love to help make people aware of thyroid problems and the issues that these conditions cause. If anyone has any information then please get hold of me, I'd love to chat with you and discuss any ideas!


Sophie Kilbey

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  • Hi Sophie,

    Some info on hypothyroidism and Hashimoto's > and

    A petition to sign and share >

    Thyroid UK home page (membership and donation info) and news >

    TUK/Amazon affiliate link. TUK earns a small commission if you click on the link when you shop on Amazon >

  • Thyroid UK (the charity that is responsible for setting up this forum), have a Thyroid Awareness Week (TAW) in October of each year. This year it's from 18th - 24th October.

    Full details of this year's Thyroid Awareness campaign (Let's Cause a Flutter) can be found here

    Here's an excerpt from the web page:

    All you need to do is to paint a butterfly, or place one of our lovely temporary tattoos (as the TUK ladies have below) onto any part of your body, take a photo and then upload it to your Facebook or Twitter page with a fact about thyroid disease.

    Go to the website to find out about the temporary butterfly tattoos

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