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Urgently need advice about adrenal test doing it in an hour!

Hi ladies and gents,

I just got up to do adrenal test will be doing it in an hour but had a panic as I couldn't find the tubes to do the test (found them now and am calming down). I could feel the panic rising in me (heart pounding and worrying). Is this going to give me a false reading of the state of my adrenals for my first test? This is a common occurrence for me when I can't find something. Would it be ok to do the test in an hour?

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Hi, why not do it tomorrow then. Just have all your bits and pieces laid out today, read all the instructions again, do a test run in some other container so you're completely prepared and as stress-free to do it tomorrow.

i seem to recall I had a false start when I did the test a few years ago. I think I'd misplaced the package as well so I just held off to the next day as I figured I wanted to give as accurate readings as possible having spent so much money to do the test.

Oh and generally, I thought the saliva test is at 8am, 12noon, 4pm and 8pm?? So 9am is a later start for it I think.

Prepare prepare prepare today!! :)

Hope it helps!!


Hi Geisha girl, yeh I think I'll wait. Problem is I keep waiting as it's never the right time to do it. Something always gets in the way. I spoke to Genova and on the test sheet you get up between 6-9 am. I have been getting up later as I don't have work unfortunately and Genova said that was fine too.


Hi, yes, just to reiterate, the correct times to do a saliva test are 8am, 12noon, 4pm and 8pm. There's no point doing it at 10am as its too late in the mornng and your adrenal reserve would have already risen. Please stick to these times if your want an accurate reading!!


Oh okay no probs. Genova must have created a bit of extra leeway in the tests since I did theirs a few years ago. All I can say it just do a test run today so you're mind will be completely focused and set for tomorrow! Good Luck!! x


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