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Anyone have some good info on fibromyalgia and thyroid link. Plus can gluten make it worse?


have a friend diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I'm sure I read a while back that thyroid issues could be the cause. Anyone know much about this?



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Definitely a link in my case. I had a TSH of 4 when my fibromyalgia was diagnosed. The hypo diagnosis only came seven years later.

The thing that helps most for me is avoiding sugar.

Fibromyalgia is a classic symptom of both thyroid and adrenal problems. Going gluten free helps many people, especially those with antibodies. I saw a video just recently on youtube (and stupidly forgot to save the link) where the presenter explained that gluten molecules mimic T3 molecules (or something like that) and bind to the same receptors in the cells, thus preventing proper uptake of T3 and making hypo people worse.

Dr John Lowe wrote a lot about how he believed that fibromyalgia was a consequence of low levels of t3. Caused by insufficient levels of t4. Or insufficient conversion of t4 into t3, or cellular e resistance to t3.

Some of The late dr lowe's works can be found here :

G x

Claudia - can you tell me more about how you found about avoiding sugar or the reasons why?

I may give it a go but bloody hard with a toddler!

I was diagnosed with Fibro some 14 years ago. Then diagnosed with Hashimotos in 2005. Early treatment on T4 lessened the pain and the T4/T3 - still more improvement. Since going T3 only and increasing VITD - B12 and everything else I have made great strides in the right direction.

If you type Fibromyalgia into the Search Box on the green bar - lots of informative posts will pop up !

It's the medication given by Docs that really concerns me as I do believe it creates even more toxicity in the body.

Going gluten free is good for anyone suffering below optimal health. The gluten molecules adhere to the gut wall - cause inflammation - then a small lesion which allows the molecules to escape. The immune system is then on red alert and creates anti-bodies thinking the gluten molecules are invaders :-) Most conditions start with the health of the gut - so inflammation there becomes systemic - even affecting the heart and the brain.

I would suggest your friend is tested for Hashimotos - Anti-TPO and Anti-Tg are the tests - also the FT3. Probably have to have that done privately. Also check the usual suspects - iron - Ferritin - Folate - B12 - VitD....they are the building blocks of a healthy body and need to at the TOP of their ranges - Ferritin around 80.

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Hello Marz

Just found this old post...sounds very much like my experience. Thank you for info.

I always doubted the FM diagnosis and kept suggesting that my metabolism was faulty and that I was convinced there was a key to unlock my ill health. I asked for a thyroid test (over 20 years ago) Result ...."this little pill(levo) is all you need". I have refused various other meds, strong painkillers etc. My health declined over the years despite numerous (negative results) scopes scans etc until I could barely function. I got the impression GPs thought I was as mad as a box of frogs!! Then I found TUK!

Making progress slowly thanks to all here, and still titrating T4/T3 , and now more seriously considering GF though no evidence of Hashi. Keeping Hippocrates in mind, "All disease begins in the gut."!

You responded earlier to my post about tail bone pain...update...since starting T3 it has decreased and now niggling rather that aching! I did manage to sit through a film recently - Finding Your Feet.

Also, interested to see you suggest Ferritin around 80, my last test was 69 ...usual "normal" response which I doubted (based on symptoms).. so have started to take Solgar Gentle Iron. No problems so far, unlike other iron supplements of old. I'm now rattling with all advised supps and grateful for "top of range" advice. My generally healthy diet clearly wasn't adequate!

Apologies....this wasn't meant to be a rant! Waiting for someone to come and stick a camera up our sitting room required! Always something to be done to a house build in 1780! Urgh!

As ever, my thanks and best wishes.


PS Love the comment (below) about thirsty horses!

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Amazing the things we find in old posts. I do believe they now say 70/75 is fine for Ferritin :-) Do monitor your Iron from time to time as too much is an issue too !

Hope the camera did not reveal too much - hopefully a few birds nests :-)

Hi Bexy,

Fibromyalgia is not a diagnosis, it's usually just a lazy doctor's opinion.

Fibro is a syndrome, not a disease. That means it is a bunch of unidentified symptoms.

The problem is, the doctors that diagnose it do nothing to identify those symptoms. It's far easier for them to just sit there behind their computer screens, on their fat backsides, without examining the patient - or even looking at her - and just say oh, it's fibro.

One should never accept a so-called 'diagnosis' of fibro, one should insist on a search for the cause. It might not be hypo - although usually is - it could be all sorts of things. But if they don't do the right tests, examin the patient, send her to a specialist, whatever, they will never know.

There is no specific test for fibro, so it is a rubbish 'diagnosis', and - worst still - there is no treatment! For hypo there is both. So, tell your friend to put her foot down with her lazy doctor and demand some tests - and some proper attention while he's at it!

Hugs, Grey

So how did your friend continue ? Was there a thyroid disgnosis in addition to the Fibro ?


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Hi Marz,

Don't know I gave her all the info and as far as I know she hasn't done anthing about it.

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Oh dear that's a shame. Some people are content with a diagnosis and a prescription without doing any research. Am sure you did your best ☺

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You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink!

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Methinks there are lots of very thirsty horses around ☺

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