Hashimoto thyroid disease is autoimmune disorder. People, find a Functional medicine doctor in the Functional medicine directory on Google. I have been to one recently after dealing with symptoms for about 20 years. Just did a TON of research in the past weeks and my PC and Endocrinologist refused to do further testing that is needed....TSH is not an accurate test for Thyroid disease! It is a pituitary test!!!!!! I have been on Armour Natural thyroid for 2 weeks and most of my symptoms are already gone!!

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  • Oh, I love that! We have USA, Canada, and the rest of the world! lol Well, I live in the rest of the world, and there ain't much out there. However, by being more specific - i.e. not looking at the Functional Medecine Directory - I found a naturopath in the next town to me - about five minutes away!!! As soon as I'm driving again, I will make an appt!

    For all of the rest of you who live in the rest of the world, try this for the UK, Australia and New Zealand:

    And this for France:

    That's all I've got. lol Thanks, tnmom.

    Hugs, Grey

  • None within 100 miles of me, Ive looked before.

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