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memory problems

Dear People ,

I have had very unusual memory's going right back to early childhood involving extreme abuse and torture. My therapist seems to think they are real and my psychiatrist agrees but I thought I read somewhere that hypo people can have these kind of memory s. Has any body heard of these kind of memory disturbances as a result of low thyroxine levels.

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mandyjane, what is commonly associated with low thyroid is depression or perhaps bi-polar. What is not widely recognized is that children that have suffered abuse or a great terror or fright or bullying can have altered biochemistry. Sometimes they do not react to pharmaceuticals normally. Dr. Derry said they seemed to do better with NDT compared to T4. Sometimes T3 alone is the answer. If you are hypothyroid adequate treatment will be helpful. PR


If you are not sure if these memories are real or contrived, it may be you have become disconnected with your true self, this is quite common when exposed to abuse. Personally I believe that abuse in any form can be one of the causes for a thyroid condition, trauma obviously upsetting homeostasis. It is good you are under a Psychiatrist but have you also experienced any Mindfulness practice? This is very helpful in making a connection with yourself, in fact some Psychologists bring this practice into their own treatments, it is worth asking about. Some NHS areas hold Mindfulness courses for free, using Jon Kabat-Zinn's teachings, if you are interested look him up on You Tube, it can be a life saver.

Best wishes



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